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Made in North America

Lucite Process for Customized Awards

Lucite, An Artisanal Awards Product

lucite processLucite is considered an artisanal product. It is a handmade process to create and produce custom awards with lucite. The Lucite process starts with a liquid and a powder. When mixed together, the combination allows for complete customization of colours and custom shapes for your customized Lucite award.

Here at Clearmount, the majority of the awards and recognition pieces we manufacture are poured into straight channels and then our artisans cut and shape then into the custom sizes and shapes that identify each piece as being uniquely yours. We can also produce our own tin moulds for specialized Lucite pieces. We have custom moulds designed and manufactured to craft a customized Lucite piece that captures the moment.

Everything we do at Clearmount is done by hand on site:

  • Mixing and pouring of raw materials.
  • Cutting and shaping after coming out of Autoclave oven.
  • Sanding to make Lucite pieces more uniform in size.
  • Buffing to highlight the clarity of the Lucite.
  • Finishing such as laser engraving, screening, sandblasting, colour filling, assembling and final finishing.

We consider all of our Lucite pieces as customized art pieces. We are not mass producing awards and then personalizing them. Due to handmade production from start to finish, there are always slight variations. We have a high level of quality control and make sure that Lucite pieces do not go out that have not been thoroughly inspected and approved. With handmade, custom artisanal products, it is reasonable to expect some small imperfections, but we ensure they are kept to a minimum. Our artisans take great pride in each step of the process when crafting Lucites and are sure that every customer receives the highest quality handmade custom awards we can produce.



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