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What Can Be Embedded in Lucite to Create a Distinctive Award?

By | July 21, 2014 | 2 comments

scissors embementThroughout our professional lives, we might receive many gifts and awards, but the most meaningful and the most difficult to discard will be the ones that are truly personal. That is why it is so important when it comes time to develop and design a one of award or a custom program award that the creators think of the impact they wish to make for their brand and with the recipient, hence our belief that “Lucite is the only embedment product to capture the moment forever.”

When a person receives a custom and personalized award over money, recent studies have shown that there is a definite increase in productivity. In fact, it is often a higher rate in productivity that more than offsets the actual cost of the award. In making the effort to create an award that is truly meaningful, it showed that the employer cared enough about employees to acknowledge and recognize their achievements with something really special.

Are you able to embed _____________ in a Lucite award?

“Are you able to embed…..” is often the way many of our conversations start when working on custom awards.

We’ve been embedding in Lucite for many years so we have the experience with the Lucite embedment process to know its limitations.

We know that there are some products that just don’t work with the embedding process, for example: products that are high in sugar and certain cloth materials are not good options.

However, if there is a specific item someone wants embedded in Lucite, we are willing to test it and see what happens. Sometimes, we are pleasantly surprised; we test a product and it works out beautifully.

What have you embedded in Lucite?

The next question we get is “what have you embedded in Lucite?”. I can say definitively… almost anything you can imagine and things beyond your wildest imagination. Some of the stranger objects we have embedded in Lucite:

  • rat’s bones,
  • zebra mussels,
  • butterflies,
  • horse dung,
  • horse hair,
  • human ashes in pewter urns,
  • police badges, and the list goes on and on…

Top 5 types of items that can be embedded in Lucite for truly special awards

In designing a custom and personalized award, we find that if the organization can incorporate an item into the awards that represents their product/brand or a special event/occasion, it makes it all the more special and meaningful to the recipient.


stone embedment1. Wonders of Nature – if your organization is involved with mining or minerals, then it would make sense to design and create an award around that particular product. We have embedded mica, coal, potash, maple leaves and amethyst into awards and created special and unique pieces that employees/recipients cherish.



oil  embedment2. Liquids – the oil industry is an and interesting industry to create custom gifts and awards for. We have embedded heavy water for Bruce Nuclear and other liquids for other clients including canola oil, contact lenses solution and oil sands bitumen.




3. Personal Items/Mementos – Using items that are mementos or relics to commemorate a special event, place or building can make a wonderful items to embed in Lucite. Some of the items we have embedded in the past that might inspire you: pieces of the Berlin Wall, rocks from Juneau and Dieppe Beaches, a half-smoked Winston Churchill cigar, rocks from Mt. Kilimanjaro climb, more than 200 bricks from a recently demolished University building where embedded as mementos prior to the rebuilding of a new facility.


parts embedment4. Products – Company’s products embedded in Lucite can make very special employee awards or retirement gifts: computer chips, antennaes, cable wires, ball bearings, screws, clock parts. One of our favourite pieces had us embed Trebor candies in a dish over 30 years ago – and it still looks great!


5. Weird & Wonderful – Thinking of something weird and wacky to embed can really create a conversation piece. Some examples we have done in the past include: Secretariat’s droppings, giant bugs, petrified dinosaur droppings, bomb shrapnel, or surgical pins.Pieces like this create a buzz when people receive it and see it for years to come.


All of these and many more wonderful creations are residing in someone’s home, office, or display cabinet. These awards are an acknowledgement that the organization recognized their contribution and wanted to really create something memorable and special for the recipient to cherish for years to come.

Tell us what item you would like embedded in Lucite. Add your comments below.

2 | comments about this topic

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you do any custom embedding? We’d like to give an award to someone who collects vintage soda cans. Would it be possible to embed one of those?

    Katherine on June 3, 2016 at 3:11 pm
  2. Hi Katherine,
    Apologies for the delayed reply. If you could contact us at, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Meaghan Tellier on July 21, 2016 at 3:44 pm

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