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Made in North America

Why Lucite?

What is Lucite?

why lucite embedmentLucite is the highest grade of plastic that can be manufactured. Yes, it’s a form of plastic, but just as there are different grades of woods or metals, there are different grades of plastic. Cast lucite or acrylic is a creative and unique medium to manufacture customized awards, custom trophies, sculpture awards, financial tombstones, and deal toys.

Why Lucite?

Lucite is an excellent material to make customized awards because:

  • It is strong and impact resistant.
  • It can be cut and formed to make very unique custom pieces.
  • It can be used to embed objects and liquids to make an extra special personalized award – for example, lucite embedment can be done with coins, oil drops, police badges and more.
  • It can be tinted or coloured so that you can create something that precisely colour-matches for corporate branding purposes.
  • It will not yellow.
  • Scratches can be buffed out (unlike glass).

Misconceptions about Lucite

A common misconception about lucite/acrylic is that it will yellow and scratch easily. Cheap and inexpensive polyester plastic will yellow but not high-grade cast lucite. Although it is possible that it can be scratched under extreme circumstances, with lucite (unlike glass) scratches can be buffed out which can bring the lucite piece back to its original condition.

Acrylic, Lucite, Plexiglas, Perspex: What’s the difference?

Many names such as Lucite, Perspex, Plexiglas, and Acrylite are used when referring to high-grade acrylic. They are all trademarked brand names of acrylic; basically like “Kleenex” is to facial tissue. Essentially, these different types of high-grade acrylic have the same properties and are used interchangeably.



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