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Made in North America

Lucite Embedded Wall Plaque – Coloured Acrylic Backed Award

lucite embedded wall plaque thank you gift

Clearmount worked with this client to create Lucite plaque awards as recognition gifts for participants who supported their work with Muscular Dystrophy. What better way to say “thanks a million!” than a Million Dollar bill embedment representing of how much they valued their assistance.

Item # Description/ Size 1 Only 2-9 10-24 25-49 50-99
QE 912
Embedded Wall Plaque 9 x 12 x¾” $552.01 $401.33 $361.90 $321.06 $305.57
QE 811
Embedded Wall Plaque 8½ x 11 x ¾” $513.70 $369.50 $334.44 $295.71 $278.81
QE 79
Embedded Wall Plaque 7 x 9 x ¾” $344.58 $250.82 $225.30 $200.66 $190.88


See pricing and general information for laser engraving, silk screening, beveling and coloured background pieces.


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