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Where is your product manufactured?

Our entire line of products is manufactured at our factory in Toronto, Canada.


Do you have a company dog?

Yes we do. His name is Benson and you will find him in his favourite spot; sitting outside greeting everyone who passes by and digging multiple holes. We like to think of him as our neighbourhood watch. Come by and visit and you will be the receiver of an enthusiastic hello!

Our faithful greeter Mac unfortunately passed away in March 2016 and he is missed by all of Clearmount.


Is your product Eco-Friendly?

Our product is not a disposable item that is intended to be thrown in the garbage, so yes it is! A Clearmount custom made award and plaque is meant to be treasured, displayed publicly and admired for a lifetime. It is a concrete recognition of a job well done! Lucite never yellows or loses its clarity. We have many items in our showroom that were made decades before and look like they were manufactured yesterday. As well, all of our off-cuts and scrap is recycled.


What is the difference between “Lucite” and “acrylic”?

Lucite is the highest grade form of acrylic and has an optical quality close to crystal. Acrylic and Plexiglas are brand names of similar products but different manufacturers. They are usually sheet products while Lucite is a hand cast product.


Why use Lucite rather than glass or crystal?

Embedments of client’s products or of most items can only occur with Lucite. We like to think that by using Lucite you get a more unique and custom corporate gifts and awards. Lucite is certainly different than glass in that it is not as heavy nor as breakable as glass or crystal and therefore less costly to transport. There are design limitations with glass. In addition, Lucite is available in a range of transparent coloured acrylic and opaque colours. Finally, since our Lucite has the optical quality of glass and crystal, why not use it since its design range is unlimited!


What can be embedded in Lucite?

Almost anything! If you are not sure about the object you wish to embed, please contact us and we will advise and, if necessary, do a test-embedment prior to an order to ensure compatibility.


What cannot be embedded in Lucite?

There are certain soft items that retain moisture or liquid content and are crushable we are unable to embed. Some types of plastics and certain qualities of printed matter and inks. Some types of metals with a high density, and/or with sharp edges may also cause problems. Not sure, please contact us, we are happy to test for you.


Who can supply an article for embedment?

We encourage the customer to incorporate their products as much as possible in creating their custom trophies and corporate gifts. If this is not possible we can source and provide articles for embedment, at an additional cost. In the case of printed matter, (i.e. graphics or copy on paper stock), we prefer source this ourselves to ensure that the correct processes are followed which allows us to produce a product that will embed without loss of image quality.


What manufacturing and finishing processes make a Clearmount product a work of art?

Our entire cast Lucite products are manufactured and finished by a multiple-step hand crafted finishing process that achieves a high-quality jeweler’s finish. Some inconsistencies are to be expected, but that is what makes each item unique. The sanding, buffing and polishing are the last steps in the process and the final finished dimensions of each article may vary up by a plus or negative of approximately .125” from piece to piece in some cases. A Clearmount piece is not a widget, but rather a custom product designed and created for you!


Is how a particular piece shown in the catalogue or web site the only way it can be made?

No. Items shown are examples of how our products can be designed and decorated. We work with you to design and create an exclusive custom awards and placques that recognizes and rewards recipient’s achievements or to act as a remembrance of a special event. With our products, just about anything is possible! Please contact us with your specific requirements.


Can the specifications be altered from those shown on an item listed in either the catalogue or on the web site?

Yes! As we are the manufacturers, we can adapt any of our designs to your specific requirements, and even design totally new and original designs to meet your needs.


Can a base be added to the item?

Bases can be added to just about any of our items at an additional charge.


Do you laser-engrave just Lucite?

No. We can also laser-engrave onto any smooth, non-metallic surface. Please contact us for further details.


What does FSC stand for?

The Forest Stewardship council (FSC) is an international organization that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. FSC guarantees that the wood products you purchase come from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources. All our frames are made of Canadian harvested FSC woods and products. FSC offers the assurance that your framed awards are manufactured from wood that will be harvested from sustainable forests for generations to come. The glass, paper and inks are also FSC and all recyclable.


What is the usual delivery time?

Normal production time is usually 3 weeks, but rush orders can be had in as little as 4 working days. A rush charge may apply. Delivery time is from acceptance of your order with all required artwork complete and approved.


What sort of artwork is acceptable?

We accept artwork in electronic form, in either Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files, Vector Art (.eps) and CorelDraw (.cdr) files. Please contact Clearmount in advance for the acceptable software versions/options of each to use when sending art.


Does Clearmount do artwork?

Yes, we can do artwork for you. Art preparation charges will be based on the nature and amount of work required. Please contact us.


How is your product packaged?

All of our products are individually poly-bagged and packaged in white card flap-end boxes, suitable for gift giving or presentation. The exceptions are small items, such as our key tags, which are poly-bagged only, and also very large or oddly-shaped items.


Can you package items in our-supplied gift boxes?

Yes, in addition to our own standard packaging, we can also pack using your supplied gift boxes.


Can we make a prototype sample?

Yes. However, an additional charge may apply to produce a prototype, and that charge will depend on the size and complexity of the item to be produced. In addition, we loan out random stock samples at no charge, (shipping is extra), providing that the samples are returned promptly within 3 weeks. Many of our samples are one-of-a-kind custom items, and are not replaceable.


What do you need to know in order to give a quotation?

We need to know the specific item you require, including size and quantity(s), and, if possible, the best art you currently have that may have to be incorporated in or on to the item. The more detailed information and specifications you can give us, the faster and more accurate our quotation to you will be.


What is your minimum production quantity?

Our minimum quantity is one! However, in the case of key-tags, the minimum run is 25 pieces.


Do you ship to the US and other countries?

Yes! We can drop ship on your behalf as well. Multiple destination shipments are also available at an extra handling charge.


What are terms for a new account?

A usual term for a first order on a new account, regardless of credit references, is Pre-Payment with cheque, VISA, Mastercard. Subsequent orders, upon approval of supplied credit references, may receive terms of strict Invoice – Net 30 Days.


What credit cards do you accept?

VISA, Mastercard.

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