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Do Employee Recognition Gifts Really Matter?

By | April 3, 2017 | 0 comment

employee recognition gifts lucite awardsWe are often asked if Employee Recognition Programs really work, or really matter, and we always excitedly answer: YES! Much in the same way a little league trophy on your shelf brought you pride when you were younger, the well thought out and planned Employee Recognition Gift can evoke that same feeling. With the recognition of loyalty and hard work, great outcomes can occur, such as increased productivity and employee retention. Employee Recognition Gifts show employees that they are truly valued, which contributes to the improvement of morale and an increase in motivation.

Here at Clearmount we can help you celebrate your employees by creating unique and eye-catching awards that will be displayed by your employees with honour and do it within your timelines and budget. Here are some important elements to consider when setting up an Employee Recognition Program: Time, Budget and Purpose.

employee recognition gifts lucite awardsTime

How often should you give out the award? Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually?

Choosing the appropriate timing affects the impact of the award. Monthly awards tend to inspire continuous improvement and support the setting and achievement of specific short-term individual goals, whereas annual awards inspire the setting and fulfillment of longer term, overarching goals centered around self-improvement, as well as company growth. Milestone awards for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service are an effective and much appreciated way to recognize and reward continuous loyalty.

How much time is needed to create an award?

employee recognition gifts clearmountDepending on the style, we can easily and quickly produce a standard shape with embedment or laser engraving within 7 to 10 business days. But when creating an award we recommend that you make it as customized as possible. You want the effort put into producing the award to reflect the effort your employees are putting into your company. Don’t worry if you don’t have specific ideas for your awards. That’s what we’re here for, to help you flush out those great ideas that will translate into an award that’s representative of your company and what it values, and is meaningful to your employees.

Once the award is created, what are the benefits of bulk purchasing?

In addition to the fiscal benefit of volume discounts, Clearmount can store the extra awards on our shelves, resulting in quicker turnaround times and the creation of a consistent look and feel. In addition, Clearmount can ship the awards directly to the recipients or the separate offices who will be distributing them.

employee recognition gifts lucite awardsBudget

Why are Employee Recognition Programs the best, budget-wise?

When budgeting, a $100 award that can be placed on a desk or shelf, that acts as a happy and constant reminder of the benefits of good work, can go a lot farther than a similar financial bonus, which is quickly spent and forgotten.

What budget do you recommend?

As mentioned before, it is best to dedicate not just time and thought, but some money into an Employee Recognition Program. It’s important to consider the impact your Employee Recognition Program will have on your company and its bottom line, employee recognition gifts lucite awardsnamely employee retention and productivity improvement and then develop your budget accordingly. We can help you develop a huge trophy to display in the office as a whole with plaques for individual team members, or individual trophies. We can work within any budget!


Why a reward?

Why not? A reward in the the form of an award, no matter what the accomplishment, further encourages employees to take pride in their work and creates a goal to work towards. Acknowledging your employees’ milestones, large or small further inspires and incents employees to achieve individual, team and company goals that result in significant benefits to your company.

No matter what you are thinking of creating an award for, contact us and we will help you create an Employee Recognition Award that shows your employees how much you value their hard work and/or loyalty. Whether it is for 5, 10, 15 or 20+ years of experience, the completion of a financial deal or contract, or even to recognize Gary for finally taking all 100 pieces of his Tupperware home – we can develop just the right type of award for you and your employees.

Let Clearmount help you design and create the perfect Employee Recognition Gift. What are you planning on recognizing?

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