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Clearmount’s Management Team

david plummerDavid Plummer, President

Having a firm background in manufacturing and marketing I decided to take the leap in 1989 and purchased Clearmount with my wife, Ros. Since then, we have actively tried to grow the business over the years. What interests me the most about the company is the diversity of the items we manufacture. As I progressed though the industry I also became quite involved with the Promotional Products Professionals of Canada (PPPC) and spent 2000 as the Chairman of the group. Although I have been now doing this for decades I still get a great sense of pride seeing one of our pieces being presented on the TV or in the paper or even just a complimentary letter from a customer telling us how much receiving one of our awards has touched their lives.



rosalind plummer

Rosalind Plummer,  VP Sales and Marketing

In my former life I sold commercial business interiors and worked with some incredibly creative and fun people designing custom environments. When the opportunity came along for David and me to purchase Clearmount it was a dream come true. It is never boring here at Clearmount. Again I get to work with a fun and creative medium manufacturing customized awards and recognition products made of Lucite, the only embedment product that captures the moment forever and makes the recipients proud to be a part of the organization giving it to them. We are always asked how can you make a family business work, well we just do. David and Kate have their roles and I have mine. The trick is knowing how to separate business and family, when we are at the office business is business and when we are together as a family we are a family!



Kate Plummer, Customer Service, Marketing, Designer

While it was never my intention to go into the family business, it’s been a fabulous source of joy and frustration since I began. I still call it my “temporary 9+ year job” but I really can’t see myself in any other role. This job allows me to interact with interesting clients, design beautiful pieces and work together to build new awards and recognition programs.









Benson Plummer, Company Mascot/Greeter

Benson excels at his role of Official Greeter. Be prepared on your arrival to feel like you are his best friend and he has missed you for years. He will bring you one of his many toys but be aware, this is not for tossing around, his favourite game is tug of war. Benson can usually be found out front landscaping his many holes in the ground. He is very proud of his work.








Always Loved – Never Forgotten


mac picMac Plummer, Company Mascot / Greeter

Mac crossed the rainbow bridge on March 6, 2016.

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