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Made in North America

Financial Tombstones

Sports Awards – Hockey Arena

Sports Awards – Hockey Arena »

This sports themed award was created as a tombstone to commemorate the financial deal and acquisition of a hockey arena. The piece was custom cut to the shape of an ice rink and the details were digitally printed on the reverse which gives it a great ice-look effect.

Deal Toys – Coloured Lucite

Deal Toys – Coloured Lucite »

This special deal toy was created with the clients logo in mind. At the time, their logo was a red and yellow checkered bulldog so we made sure the design of their financial tombstone brought together as many aspects as possible.

Deal Toys – Coloured Lucite

Deal Toys – Coloured Lucite »

Sometimes a little touch of colour goes a long way. This financial tombstone was designed with Dubble Bubbles' iconic pink bubble gum colour in mind with a simple yet effective deal toy that best represents their brand.

Deal Toys – Clothes Hanger Design

Deal Toys – Clothes Hanger Design »

When you're working within a niche market, it's important to make sure your special deal toy reflects that. This client wanted something that would best suit their deal with a garment and textile software company.

Deal Toys – Ferry Design

Deal Toys – Ferry Design »

This special deal toy created for BC Ferries evokes feelings of adventure whilst celebrating a financial milestone for the company. Laser engraving, custom ferry shape and mixing different colours of tinted acrylic make a realistic and striking piece.

Deal Toys – Coloured Lucite

Deal Toys – Coloured Lucite »

Here at Clearmount Plastics one of our priorities is staying focused on your company’s brand. This financial tombstone was designed after the client specified their logo should be the focus of the piece.

Deal Toys – Fridge Design

Deal Toys – Fridge Design »

What better way to commemorate the acquisition of a Furniture and Appliance Distributor than by creating a custom deal toy of one of your own products? This client wanted a conversation piece, a financial tombstone different from your typical custom trophies.

Deal Toys – Logo-Inspired Design

Deal Toys – Logo-Inspired Design »

All of our pieces have the potential to be as simple or as elaborate as you can imagine. Here the client wanted a classic custom Lucite trophy but “not a boring one!” The acrylic award was cut and faceted giving it an extra dimension whilst mimicking the angular lines of their logo.

Deal Toys – Shoe Design

Deal Toys – Shoe Design »

Whether you have an exact image of your final deal toy or a vague idea of what you think you might want, Clearmount will work with you to realize your full potential. Having successfully completed a transaction with Town Shoes, this client specified they wanted a unique customized award that somehow featured a shoe.

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